Stone & DeGuire Contemporary Art Award

Work by 2020 award recipients Wyndi DeSouza and Lyndon Barrois Jr.

Call for Applications

The Sam Fox School invites applications for the $25,000 Stone & DeGuire Contemporary Art Award. Only MFA and BFA alumni of Washington University's College & Graduate School of Art working in sculpture, painting, or expanded mixed media are eligible to apply. A maximum of two awards will be given. The recipient(s) will be announced in spring 2021. Funds will be used by the recipient within 12 months to advance their art practice.

The application period is now closed; an announcement about the recipients will be posted later this spring.

About the Award

The Stone & DeGuire Contemporary Art Award was created by Nancy Stone DeGuire (1947-2013) and Lawrence R. DeGuire Jr. (1947-2006) via a bequest to the School; it was their desire to help fellow alumni artists advance their studio practice. Stone & DeGuire met as undergraduate art students at Washington University, were married, and worked closely together in a studio practice.

Awards are given every one to two years. A maximum of two awards will be given for each round, each award totaling $25,000. Funds will be used by the recipient within a year of receipt of the award to advance his or her art practice. Funds may be used for supplies and equipment, travel, studio rent, production of work, exhibition expenses, documentation of work, and other expenses directly related to the recipient's practice.

2020 Recipients

Portland-based artist Lyndon Barrois Jr. (MFA13) and artist Wyndi DeSouza (MFA16), who divides her time between St. Louis and Newark, New Jersey, are the recipients of the 2020 Stone & DeGuire Contemporary Art Awards.

Barrois will use the award to develop two new bodies of work based on National Geographic magazines from the 1970s and ’80s, while DeSouza will use the award to continue her ongoing archive "The people I know, haven’t met, and will never know; the spaces they inhabit and the science of the unquantifiable” through a new data mapping series that focuses on mass shootings in America. Full news release>>

2019 Recipients

Elana Mann (BFA03) and Erik L. Peterson (BFA04); read the full news release>>

2018 Recipients

Ebony G. Patterson (MFA06) and Jill Downen (MFA01); read the full news release>>

2017 Recipients

Ericka Beckman (BFA74) and Ian Weaver (MFA08); read the full news release>>


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Image Credits: (1) Wyndi DeSouza, The Science of Relationships: Spatial Tensions Revisited. Exploring North Carolina_Mitchel School (2019). Ink jet print. (2) Lyndon Barrois Jr., Bloom (2019). Jacquard woven tapestry, 50" x 60".