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Open to all WashU undergrads, including art, design, and architecture majors.

Person in headphones bends over a painting of a desert landscape. Several other people work in the background. The wall is hung with colorful portrait drawings.

Minor in Creative Practice for Social Change

Students develop a deep understanding of how to use creative practices in art, design, and architecture to address systemic economic, environmental, and social challenges.

15 units

Minor in Design

Students learn essential design principals and skills, including composition, layout, and type, and may mix and match courses across communication design and fashion design.

15 units

Minor in Human-Computer Interaction

Students learn the fundamental techniques necessary to create effective user interfaces: including ideation, prototyping, visual design, and evaluation.

18 units

Minor in Studio Art

Students develop technical and conceptual skills through courses in drawing, painting, photography, media arts, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, performance, and others.

15 units