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Island Press

Island Press is a research-based printmaking workshop at that is committed to creating and publishing innovative prints and multiples, educating students and the broader community about print media, and advancing the printmaking field. In the context of intensive visiting artist residencies, Island Press explores the expansive theoretical and material terrain of the print. Visiting artists work in collaboration with the master printer, faculty, and students to create a reciprocal environment for education and research.

Office for Socially Engaged Practice

The Office for Socially Engaged Practice is a hub and a resource to support collaborative, socially engaged practices of art, architecture, and design. Through this support, the Sam Fox School will fulfill its institutional responsibility to citizens and communities here in St. Louis and around the world.

Sam Fox School Research Office

The Sam Fox School Research Office serves as a catalyst, facilitator, sponsor, and incubator of student and faculty creative initiatives and research projects to generate new knowledge, encourage entrepreneurship, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations in architecture, design, and the visual arts. The office has worked with faculty and students across the School to define projects, seek funding, and identify internal and external partnerships.

Fox Fridays

A weekly, low-stress workshop series introducing the WashU community to overlooked or under-known tools, resources, processes, and ideas.

Pulitzer Endowment

Emily Rauh Pulitzer established an endowment in 2004 to support joint collaborative projects between the Sam Fox School and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation that enhance the creative life of St. Louis. This endowment has spurred a variety of collaborative endeavors.

Center for Health Research & Design (CHRD)

The Center for Health Research & Design (CHRD) is a multidisciplinary research center aimed at improving the physical and virtual environments for health and delivery of care. As part of the Sam Fox School, the CHRD leverages its position within a top-tier research university to address challenges posed by changing health care delivery and wellness requirements.

Art on Campus

Administered by the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, the Art on Campus program is a growing collection of public artworks by nationally and internationally recognized artists. Reflecting the diversity, creativity, and scholarship of the University—as well as its commitment to the arts—these artworks enhance the cultural, intellectual, and visual experience of all who visit as well as those who study and work here.

Art on Campus installations are located throughout the Danforth Campus and are part of the collection of the Kemper Art Museum.

Fellowships & Residencies

University Collaborations

Because contemporary practice demands not only disciplinary proficiency, but also fluency across disciplines, the Sam Fox School offers multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary study, multidisciplinary collaborative research, and problem solving for students and faculty.

The Divided City

The Divided City is an urban humanities initiative in partnership with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, WashU’s Center for the Humanities, and the Sam Fox School.

Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement

The Gephardt Institute fosters a vibrant culture of civic engagement throughout WashU, including special programs and fellowships for students and faculty.
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