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The College of Architecture offers several minors, which are available to all WashU students.

Person sitting at a desk holds a small wooden model in one hand and sketches something with the other.

Minor in Architecture

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of architecture, developing their appreciation for buildings, cities, and environments and their role in society.

15 units

Minor in Architectural History and Theory

Students explore the broader cultural context of the discipline of architecture, learning about historical and contemporary issues in architecture around the world.

18 units

Minor in Creative Practice for Social Change

Students develop a deep understanding of how to use creative practices in art, design, and architecture to address systemic economic, environmental, and social challenges.

15 units

Minor in Landscape Architecture

Students are introduced to the foundational aspects of the built environment and exposed to a range of design scales, from the urban environment to the garden, with a focus on public space, infrastructure, and new and old media.

15 units

Minor in Urban Design

Students explore issues related to the urban condition that is unfolding in the twenty-first century, including urbanization processes in the context of design applications and tools and the application of urban history and theory to real-world scenarios.

15 units