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Minor in Creative Practice for Social Change

The minor in Creative Practice for Social Change provides students with a deeper understanding of how to use creative practices in art, design, and architecture to address systemic economic, environmental, and social challenges. Creativity is an essential component of social change, particularly in creating new systems and solutions, understanding the fundamental constraints of a challenge, and leading the process of change. Creative practice can encompass a broad array of production methods, including printmaking, sculpture, fashion design, communication design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and performance, among others.

As an Arts & Sciences student, taking CPSC classes is a nice change of pace to apply what I’m learning in a very different setting from what I’m used to. The minor is helpful for everyone because it brings different methods and perspectives into the same space. Through CPSC, I have felt empowered by design not to take things as they are. The ‘how might we’ framework has restructured the way I look at the world, because it’s a practice of looking at how things are and how we might make them better. Overall, CPSC is a really great opportunity that not every school has.


This minor is open to all undergraduate students from across WashU. Prior experience in art or design is not necessary. The minor is relevant to students with or without experience in architecture, design, or fine arts.

  • A total of 15 credits, including the required seminar, Design in Social Systems (3 credits) and courses from the pre-selected menu of coursework (12 credits).
  • At least 12 credits must be taken for the minor only and cannot be double-counted toward another major or minor. Only 3 credits may double-count toward another major or minor.
  • No individual course may count more than once toward the minor.
  • No more than 3 credits may be taken outside of the Sam Fox School.

Course Options

Use the semester “Search” feature at to find courses that will count each semester. Set the SCHOOL field to either Art OR Architecture and select ATTRIBUTE (Art) CPSC – Creative Practice Minor.

Students may contact the minor advisor Penina Acayo Laker for pre-approval to take courses not included in the pre-selected menu of courses. No more than one course outside the menu may count toward the minor.