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Frank Lin and Megan Harris Lin

In 2014, husband-and-wife team Frank Lin and Megan Harris Lin founded their residential architecture firm, coXist Studio, in Austin, Texas. In addition to building for clients, coXist also has taken on the role of architect as developer. Their work makes a conscious effort to understand and integrate site context, human experience, and rich contextual materials. They design to tell a story that can enhance the connections between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Recently recognized as one of the Top Residential Architects by Austin Home Magazine, their designs have won several awards and been featured in publications such as Dwell and Modern Homes of Texas. coXist’s designs focus on intersecting the ordinary and the extraordinary to create a sense of place and belonging. Their work also focuses on maintaining the integrity of community fabric while addressing needs for density in a housing crisis through their multi-family designs in East Austin neighborhoods.

Frank and Megan met as students in Washington University’s Master of Architecture program. After graduation, they were employed by critically acclaimed architects in Los Angeles before relocating to Austin.

Before enrolling in the MArch program at Washington University, Frank started his career in interior architecture winning a Design Excellence Award from Gensler. His subsequent integration of the two disciplines has influenced coXist’s design approach, enabling him to blur the boundaries between exterior and interior. Frank also served as project manager and lead designer at Graft Lab, working on high-end hospitality projects such as the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. He gained professional experience working on various mixed-use projects in the United States and China as a senior project designer at both Gensler and MCO Design.

Megan immersed herself at wHY Architecture and served as project designer and project manager on several high-profile museums and galleries throughout the United States including Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and L & M Gallery in Venice, California. It was through these experiences that she has purposefully explored the relationships between art, architecture, and human experience. She now serves as chair of the AIA Austin Chapter of the Custom Residential Architects Network.

Alumni Work

Exterior facade of a two-story residence made of rough-cut limestone, a large wooden door, partitioned, frosted glass-like garage door, and smooth white Venetian plaster for a section above the garage.

Ashlar Residence, Austin, TX. Completed in 2019. Photo: Jake Holt Photography.
Exterior facade of a two-story residence. A large bank of floor to ceiling windows on the ground level provides a view into the home, surrounded by rough cut limestone; the second floor features a curvilnear white Venetian plaster feature, as well as an open balcony space to the left. An inground pool and paved patio are visible in the foreground.

Ashlar Residence, Austin, TX. Completed in 2019. Photo: Jake Holt Photography.
Exterior facade of a Mid-Century style residence with tan brook and a white, inverted triangle roofline.

Inverse House, Austin, TX. Completed in fall 2018.