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Zeuler Lima

Zeuler Rocha M. de A. Lima, PhD, CAU-BR, is trained as an architect, landscape architect, and urbanist with postdoctoral education in comparative literature. He is an accomplished designer, educator, scholar, and writer with interest in a humanistic approach to the built environment.

Lima teaches design studio and history-theory courses in the graduate and undergraduate programs, including the Florence Spring Program, the Architecture Study Abroad Program, and the cross-disciplinary course Urban Books. He also has taught and conducted research at the University of São Paulo, Brazil (1988-96), the Schools of Architecture in Grenoble and Saint-Étienne, France (1992), the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (1997-99), and Columbia University, Center for Comparative Literature and Society (2001-2002).

Between 1989 and 1996, Lima was one of the four partners of Projeto Paulista de Arquitetura office in São Paulo and won several distinguished national architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design competitions and awards in Brazil, including for the Federal District Legislative Assembly building on the Monumental Axis in Brasília (2010). His projects have been featured in several Brazilian publications, including in cover articles for AU and Projeto magazines.

Lima was the recipient of the prestigious 2007 International Bruno Zevi Prize for architecture history and criticism. His prolific historic and theoretical research and publishing focus on modernity and post-WWII architecture and urbanism. He wrote a dissertation about architecture and global cities titled “The City as Spectacle: The Architect and the Crisis of Contemporary Culture” (USP, 2000). He also received several national and international research grants.

Lima is the author of the acclaimed biography Lina Bo Bardi (Yale University Press, 2013) about the Italian-born Brazilian architect and recipient of the Special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in memoriam. Lima has delivered several worldwide lectures and deferential reviews, including in the New York Review of Books. He has contributed extensively to national and international journals, museum catalogues, and book editions and is co-editing a forthcoming anthology of texts by architects from Latin America for the Museum of Modern Art (New York). His new book, La Dea Stanca. Vita di Lina Bo Bardi (The Weary Goddess, Life of Lina Bo Bardi) is a biography in Italian about the architect, published by Johan & Levi (Milan).

Lima has served on several curatorial advisory committees, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Museu da Casa Brasileira (São Paulo), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles), the Architekturmuseum (Munich), and the Johann Jacobs Museum (Zurich). He also practices drawing, painting, and printmaking and has participated in several exhibitions, including the traveling solo exhibition The Architecture of Drawing.

Work by Zeuler Lima

Cover of La Dea Stanca. Vita di Lina Bo Bardi, featuring a black-and-white photo of Lina Bo Bardi, with red and black type for the title.

La Dea Stanca. Vita di Lina Bo Bardi (The Weary Goddess, Life of Lina Bo Bardi), 2021

A new biography in Italian about the architect, published by Johan & Levi (Milan).
Exterior Photograph of building showing the curtain wall facade with screen

Federal District Legislative Chamber on the Monumental Axis , 2010

Federal District Legislative Chamber on the Monumental Axis, Brasília, Brazil (2010). Photo by Nelson Kon.
Book cover image of a black and white photograph of an opening from SESC Pompeia Factory Building designed by Lina Bo Bardi with the title and author written at bottom left corner

Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi, Yale University Press, 2013/2018
Photograph of a panoramic view of specific view from installation

Azulejos, 2016

“Azulejos” drawing/installation, Becoming Drawing solo exhibition, Brazilian Embassy in Rome, 2016
Photographs of Clouds piece showing light-blue colored circular elements projecting  three dimensionally from white backboard

Clouds, 2016

Clouds, silicone and plastic drawing from “Azulejos” drawing/installation, 2016
A city drawing

La Défense, 2013

La Défense, drawing from “Public Spaces” series, 2013
An image of the piece done using felt pen

Kanji/Muji, 2018

“Kanji/Muji,” muti-media drawing/print/artist book, Found in Translation, solo exhibition, Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo, 2018