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Bruce Lindsey

In a time where everyone seems to suffer labels, by way of introduction I offer some of the ones that might be applied to me: I am a modernist trying to recover the social program of modernism’s early foundations. I am an environmentalist who believes that our need to do significant work may well be as important an environmental resource as the rain forest. I am an [old]urbanist who defines urban as that moment when we realize that there are things we can do together that we cannot do alone. I am a realist in the sense that I find real life, real places, real projects, real people, real clients endlessly more fascinating than the abstractions, most of the time. For twenty years I have been a teacher, wary of Kierkegaard’s warning that a professor is a teacher without paradox.

Lindsey served as dean of the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in the Sam Fox School from 2006-2017. He was the head of the School of Architecture at Auburn University from 2001-2006, also serving as the co-director of the Rural Studio from 2003-2006. Prior to moving to Alabama, Lindsey was a member of the faculty in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University from 1987-2001. He served as associate head of the School of Architecture from 1994-2001, and held a joint appointment in the school of art from 1997-2001. In 2016 Lindsey served as the president of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

A licensed architect Lindsey’s design practice has spanned 40 years. Lindsey’s work as a crafts person and photographer has spanned 45 years and has been exhibited in national venues such as the American Crafts Museum in New York City, Carnegie Museum of Fine Arts in Pittsburgh, and the Kimball Arts Center in Park City Utah.

A native of Idaho, Lindsey is married to artist Marilee Keys. For some time now they have come to believe that the longer they are away from the place where they grew up, the more they feel they are from there… It’s a landscape thing.

Work by Bruce Lindsey

A perspective photograph of a brick building along the street with a steel double façade on the upper level, cantilevered over a ramp way.

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Pittsburgh, PA
Black and white photo of an elaborately detailed niche in a classical building facade.

Niche Project

Classical Niche, CMU College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, PA.
An interior photograph showing a wood and white drywall contrast underneath a skylight which is situated over a stairwell. There is shelving with various hats displayed.

Society for Contemporary Craft

Pittsburgh, PA
Landscape photo of a dense bank of rainclouds taking up 2/3 of the image, over a sandy plain climbing to foothills in the distance.

Paradise Valley, MT, 2013

Small vertical sculpture with a weighted pendulum suspended from a glass disc over an aluminum base.

Candle 300

Candlestick, aluminum, and glass.
Wooden chair with a solid bottom and front panel and an open back with a crossbar at shoulder height.