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Dennis McGrath

Dennis McGrath is principal/owner of Dennis McGrath Design, LLC., a design and architectural consulting practice focused on integrated service design for a variety of project types since 2015. He has a passion for design, creative problem solving, and experience with overseeing client interactive planning and programming as well as integrated phasing for complex assignments.

McGrath is currently collaborating on a private residence with Peter Rose and Partners, Boston, MA. He has worked for Lawrence Group, Target Corporation, Ellerbe Becket (AECOM), and MSR Design. His work has received AIA Minnesota honors and preservation awards from the state of Minnesota and Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. He has published illustrations for ABC of Architecture and University of Pennsylvania Press, and has received a Charles E. Peterson Prize for measured drawings archived at the Library of Congress.

Work by Dennis McGrath

Rough wood pane wall next to a stone staircase.

Elegant, modern-looking curved grate in a fireplace.

Overhead photo of a curly metal handrail on a set of wooden steps being caught by a beam of light from the next room.

Interior of a residence with bright wooden floors, white walls and cabinetry, and white marble backsplash in the open plan kitchenette.

Interior of a residential space with a double-jointed exposed staircase. Accents are metal, warm wood, and white.

Light from a 2-story tall paned window in a foyer with white walls, a balcony, and exposed wooden beam ceiling.

Two-story foyer in a building with metal, warm wood, and white accents with a ceiling of exposed wooden beams.

Large living room space with two levels, a large dark stone hearth, and exposed wooden beam ceiling.