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Jamie Adams

Jamie Adams works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, and photography. His figurative work functions as personal memoir and addresses social themes of identity, memory, and desire. Characters in his work probe contemporary notions of identity, proposing the self as imaginary, constructed through language, or from images elsewhere. He draws on the cinematic culture of the 1950s and ‘60s, using montage and celebrity personae to insinuate conditions of disturbance, flux, transience, or a state of becoming.

His work is in the collections of the Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Museum of Modern Art Library, MOMA Wales, Los Angeles County Museum of Art Research Library, Woodmere Art Museum, the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. His work has been cited in Art in America, Bulletin du Musée Ingres, and the book Fragonard: Regards Croisés. He is represented by Jonathan LeVine Gallery, David Klein Gallery, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Philip Slein Gallery, Sirona Fine Art, and Lamensch Douglas Fine Art.

Adams graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University with his BFA in 1983, and he earned his MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2000.

Work by Jamie Adams

Two people seated, facing each other, in front of a waterfall. The skies in the background are blue, strewn with clouds — the colors in the foreground are warm and bright. The person in front is nude and wears two-toned shades. The other person is in a pink-purple shirt with a loosened magenta tie; their left arm, looped around their companion's waist, is sleeved in a golden-brown fabric. The two of them sit on folded cloth illuminated by the surrounding light. They both are looking upwards.

Fergie Huggie Honeymoon, 2016

Oil on linen. 96 x 84".
Three figures pictured in the center, the leftmost person arched back and the other two in an embrace, floating in the air. They wear satin, encircled by brilliantly lit cream-colored fabrics. The uppermost figure wears pink pants and white pointed toe shoes, the person she rests against in blue-purple shorts and a sock loosely fit on their left foot. In the background are someone's legs and partially visible torsos — the people in the back hold on to a marble sculpture of some figure (from mythology, presumably). The landscape in the background is vibrant, its hues a saturated green-blue, in other parts a deep red.

Bride Falls, Pink Pants, Soggy Socks, 2016

Oil on linen. 84 x 96".
Seven figures in the foreground and another in the background: in the front are five people, four seated and one (much younger, perhaps a child) half-standing; the other person, in a soaked dress, lays with their left leg bent. Not to them are two images of landscapes. The two figures behind them are nude and look to the waterfalls in the background, one of whom is fixing their hair. The person in the background is unidentified, their arms crossed as they stand (to our) left, in a dark suit.

Niagaradown, 2013

Oil on linen. 84" x 96".
Three people seated in front of a waterfall: the leftmost figure wears a green sleeveless top and light beige trousers with golden strapped toeless heels and looks upward. The person in the center looks straight at the viewer, their right hand holding a pen and book, is in a loose fitting purple blouse. The rightmost person has a piece of cloth draped over their right shoulder and is in lingerie and black heels, looking down to our left. Around their waist is another arm, sleeved. The cloth on which the three figures sit is in a vast array of colors, from rich, warm reds to peachpuff and light teal, all illuminated by the glow of the surrounding light.

Niagara Notebook, 2013

Oil on linen. 72" x 60".
A person sitting in an orange armchair. They wear a cream-gray suit, their white shirt with slightly puffed sleeves. Their tie is in a colorful blue/lime green/cyan/white geometric pattern. In the background is a waterfall, the sky enveloped by a vast cloud. The person's right arm rests next to a plate with a piece of cut fruit, which is in front of a glass pitcher and a blue bust.

Niagara Red Chair, 2013

Oil on linen. 36" x 34".