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Audra Hubbell

Audra Hubbell has a range of professional experience from art direction at a large advertising agency to design strategy and branding work for smaller design studios. Her client work has included everything from global brand communication to public projects such as Chicago’s Navy Pier revitalization plan and the University of Illinois at Chicago’s proposal for the National Obama Presidential Library. Hubbell’s work has been featured by Paste magazine, the Huffington Post, Design Taxi, and The Society of Typographic Art’s Chicago Design Archive. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design from The University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently a senior lecturer in design at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.
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Work by Audra Hubbell

Three columns made of rectangles of varying shades of gray take up most of the page. Two long, dark gray rectangles hug the columns on the bottom and left side. The left contains text that reads "60 / GATEWAY ARCH / NATIONAL PARK"

St. Louis Arch National Park, 2019

Audra Hubbell, “St. Louis Arch National Park” Type Hike, 2019.
A close-up of a wall covered by sheets of paper hanging on wooden pegs. The papers, risograph prints, are white with black ink and depict parts of street signage.

Intersections, 2017

Audra Hubbell, “Intersections”Boyle Gallery, Risograph prints 2017.
Four images of a book, one of the book's cover and three of internal spreads. The cover depicts intersecting rectangles and the spreads depict several close-up images of architectural elements on buildings paired with internal installations.

Liberty Design Studio Report, 2017

Audra Hubbell, “Liberty Design Studio Report”, 2017.
A group of several copies of the same zine. Each zine's spine is wrapped with a green-on-gray print depicting imagery and the words "and other childhood memories." The cover of the zine is white with pink imagery and green lettering. The word "JUNK" is big and handwritten. The following list appears below it in smaller text: "+ parents buy their first camcorder for christmas" "+ they buy me a mini Barbie version that winds up with moving film reels" "+ I never really liked Barbies"

Junk and other childhood memories, 2017

Audra Hubbell, “Junk and other childhood memories”, risograph zine 2017.
Six images of a book, one of the inside cover and the others of spreads. Spreads depict various text and photography, some of which is black and white. The colors red, blue, white, and black are prominent throughout.

Obama Presidential Library Proposal, 2016

Audra Hubbell, “Obama Presidential Library Proposal”, 2016.
Humans of st. louis book

Humans of St. Louis