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Becca Leffell Koren

Becca Leffell Koren is a multidisciplinary designer and educator with a focus in publication, exhibition, and systems design. She collaborates with clients in the fields of art, culture, architecture, and education. Previously she has worked for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the RISD Museum (Providence, Rhode Island), and This Is Our Work (New York). She holds an MFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in communication design from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. Both her client work and research are type-driven with a particular focus on the book form, and blurring the line between flatness and dimensionality in work for print, space, and screen.
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Work by Becca Leffell Koren

Three pastel-toned booklets laid out on a white background (from left to right, in gray, lavender/blue, and orange/coral/red). The covers include artists' names with titles below, in both Hebrew and English, a geometric pattern in the center, and supplementary information at the bottom in a row.

Identity and publication design for a series of location-specific exhibitions featuring works selected or created for a corridor in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2013

Photographs by Elie Posner.
A book with a colorful cover and photographs of artworks within: the title reads "Color Gone Wild" with smaller text "Fauve and Expressionist Masterworks from the Merzbacher Collection", the inner cover a bright orange-red hue.

Bilingual exhibition catalogue for Color Gone Wild at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2013

26x19 cm, 136pp. Photographs by Elie Posner.
Orange and silver book photographed on a deep ultramarine background. The cover features an abstract, curved pattern with the letters "MFA" embossed in the center. Smaller text, in white, reads "Master of Fine Arts" — "Visual Arts" — "Washington University in St. Louis".

Viewbook for the MFA in Visual Arts program at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, 2019

6x9", 128pp. Second edition.
(Cyan) blue and white poster, which contains information about a Keller Easterling lecture: the title set in a bold, tall font with smaller text below. The background consists of an abstract composition of a shape with shadow radiating from the corners in two color ways, inverse images of each other.

Poster for guest lecturer, architect Keller Easterling, 2015

For the Rhode Island School of Design.
The corner of a gallery space with light gray/cream walls, with the words "Drawing Conclusions" connected across the corner with a wavy line. To the left is a framed artwork; to the right, some wall text.

Exhibition graphics for Drawing Conclusions at the RISD Museum, Providence RI, 2016

Views of the covers of a book with two interior spreads: the images are printed in ultramarine/a dark blue, with both Hebrew and English text set in black. The front cover, in English, reads "Unresolved (Issues)".

Bilingual exhibition Catalogue for Unresolved (Issues): New Glass From Israel, 2018

For UrbanGlass, Brooklyn. With curator Jennifer-Navva Miliken.
A person viewing information/installation in a gallery space: mint, blue, gold-yellow, and red labels make up a legend to the left, with more info about each to the right.

Bilingual exhibition design (French and English) for the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Montreal, 2018