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Jonathan Navy

Jonathan Navy earned a Master of Fine Arts in Time Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since 1998, he has taught a variety of digital art courses at Washington University, including Fashion Illustration and Digital Lab for the fashion design program, as well as courses in the communication design program and in the Sam Fox School’s Collaborative Technology Center. Previously he worked with software developers HSC, Meta Tools/ MetaCreations. and Live Picture to develop several major award-winning graphic software programs over a six-year period. These included plug-ins for all of the Adobe products as well as several stand-alone products such as Bryce and Live Picture. Navy has exhibited his work at Mad Art Gallery, and he created the graphics for the poster Commemorating the Papal Visit to the United States in 2000, as well as the lead American Olympic poster for the Torino games in 2006. He loves digital illustration and painting, and continues to collaborate with artists, mostly in 3D modeling and animation, while researching new technologies and their integration into these multiple disciplines.

Work by Jonathan Navy