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Carrie Becker

Carrie M. Becker (b. 1978, St. Louis, MO), is a contemporary photographer. She is best known for her 2011 body of work, “Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse”, a viral collection of images that imagined the titular hero as a hoarder.

Post undergrad, Becker spent seven years learning commercial photography in Chicago. After moving to Kansas for graduate school, she received an MFA in sculpture. Firstly working as textile installation artist, Becker won a residency to the prestigious McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC, where she expanded her plastic and nylon installations, “Emergent Structures”.

In 2010 she returned home to St. Louis. Deciding to combine her studio lighting and three dimensional design backgrounds, she began hand-building and photographing 1/6th scale dioramas. To create these trompe l’oeils, materials such as craft sticks, coffee stirrers, foam board were used, and the scenes were photographed at low angles. ”Collyer’s Dollhouse’ ‘and “Lilliputian Entropy” followed BTHD, and depicted the interiors of both simple and lavish abandoned homes. She shoots with a Nikon dSLR.

Previously Ms. Becker’s teaching experience has included photography and design classes at Forest Park and Lewis & Clark community colleges. She is represented by the Shearburn Gallery, and her work as been featured in TIME, Huffpost, and BUST, as well as on PBS and KSDK. She lives in a Victorian home in South City with her husband and two cats.

Becker, carrie   the bibliophile

The Bibliophile, 2015

Photograph/C-Print 20x24
Becker, carrie  the red bed

The Red Bed, 2016

Photograph/C-Print 20x24
Becker, carrie  not so grand piano

The Not So Grand Piano, 2015

Photograph/C-Print 20x24
Becker, carrie  parisian flat

Parisian Flat , 2016

Photograph/C-Print 20x24