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Joe deVera

Joe deVera’s paintings and installations are attempts to clarify the absurd theaters of human tragedy — examining the possible relationships between historiography and art objects — while simultaneously investigating the resonant aftermath of mass conflict. Having emigrated from the Philippines as a youth and enlisting in the U.S. Marines Corps after high school — serving two combat deployments to Iraq in support of the Second Gulf War/GWOT — deVera’s works are also autobiographical observations of power structures and the machines of empire. He joined the Sam Fox School from Wake Forest University. He earned his BFA in painting from California State University, Fullerton, and his MFA in painting and printmaking from Yale University.


Paper Tiger, 2021

Oil on Folded Canvas, 8 x 4.5 ft

And All The Kings Men, 2014-2018

Wood, parachutes, sails, concrete and found materials, 25 x 21 x 7 ft

Incendiary, 2021

Oil on Canvas, 25 in x 18 in

Through, 2018

Oil, enamel and spray paint on Polyisocyanurate Foam, 52 x 44 in

Vertebrae, 2016

Oil and chalk on panel, parachutes, paracord carved wood and found objects, 86 x 49 x 8 in