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Q&A with Tuesday Hadden

A conversation with Tuesday Hadden, who graduates in May 2024 with a BFA in communication design and a minor in art history and archaeology.

What’s something new you tried while at WashU?
One thing I tried and ended up loving — because of a class — was typography. I’d never really considered including text in my work before taking Type 1 sophomore year. In typography and word and image classes, I learned how integrating text intentionally into pieces of illustration can add new layers of meaning. I now include hand lettering in most of my projects and am taking an illustrated letterforms class this semester. 

Image courtesy Tuesday Hadden.

How has your creative work changed from four years ago?
In my time at WashU, I’ve discovered new ways to integrate multiple ways of making and subjects that I enjoy into my work. Lately I’ve been using mixed media incorporating ink, gouache, and watercolor. I’ve also started to blend my sketchbook practice with my more finished pieces by adding digital color and hand lettering to observational line drawings. You can see a progression of my style in images 2 and 3. Image 2 is a page from an illustrated lyric book I made last semester in Capstone 1. Image 3 is a comic I made my second semester in drawing class. Though my way of making images has changed, I still love drawing astronauts.

Ten years from now, what do you think you’ll remember most fondly about WashU?
I think I’ll miss the community of artists at WashU the most. It’s been nice being in such close proximity to fellow students and faculty that all think creatively and share goals of improving our artistic practices. Working near friends has made it easy to get quick feedback, draw inspiration from each other’s work, and just chat. I’ll also miss being in an environment which provides ample opportunities to try new things — with access to all the facilities I need to pursue any artistic endeavors I could imagine — and professors who support my creative growth.

Tuesday image004

Image courtesy Tuesday Hadden.

Tuesday image002

Image courtesy Tuesday Hadden

What is a small thing you learned in class that’s had a big impact on your work?
A few professors at WashU encouraged me to make a personal collection of references. Some recommended collecting images that spark creative interest, others recommended collecting pieces of art I wish I had made and letterforms that I find interesting. I now have a library of probably thousands of images on Miro that I can easily sift through and pull from when I need some inspiration. I started adding notes on what I like about the items. It’s sped up my ideation process and led me to make more intentional creative decisions.