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Tahia Farhin Haque

Tahia Farhin Haque is a photographer and visual artist who is on her journey of expression. She is from Bangladesh; throughout her life she has been fascinated by images and by how they can change perceptions and internal paradigms. Through her artworks she questions the prejudices and perceptions of society, the projects are intricately woven by her experiences and observations and her attempt to engage the audience to question the veil of shadows that surround us in our society. Her work’s visual memory field challenges the linear-modernist idea of the past as a distant place, drawing attention to its embodied endurance in and through the narrative. She has worked with New York Times, exhibited at TATE, Aperture Gallery, Dhaka Art Summit and is a grantee of Prince Claus Fund. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from North South University, she also has a diploma in Photography from Counter Foto-A Center for Visual Arts .
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