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Samantha Slone

Samantha Slone is a Filipina-American artist whose work is most heavily concerned with global environmentalism in the context of first-world paradigms and biracial intersectionality.

Through her current work, she researches and explores human and environmental interconnectivity through a lens of socioeconomic and consumerist systems. She utilizes a visual reference to still-lifes of the Dutch Golden Age to frame themes of consumption, capitalism, and colonization in the contemporary realm of climate and social justice.

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Work by Samantha Slone


April 30 – May 15, 2022 • 6640 Delmar Blvd. (Old Craft Alliance Space on the Delmar Loop)

October 22 – November 4, 2022 • Des Lee Gallery, 1627 Washington Ave.

April 8 – July 24, 2023 • Kemper Art Museum