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Walker Metal Shop

Two people in protective gear use a welder at a table in a high-ceilinged shop space.

The Walker Metal Shop includes tools to support blacksmithing, manual fabrication, foundry, metalsmithing, plasma cutting, and welding. Classes that regularly meet here include Sculpture, Furniture Design, Blacksmithing, Foundry, Cycles, and Machines. A nearby chemical process room supports work with rubber, resin, and adhesives.


Welding: MIG, TIG, Stick, Spot, Oxyacetylene

Sheet metal: Kick shear, slip roller, press brake, notcher, punch, magnetic brake, shrinker/stretcher, beverly shear

Fabrication: Hossfeld bender, bench grinder, belt grinder, disc/belt sander, drill press, vertical band saw, horizontal band saw, abrasive cut-off saw, plasma cutter

Foundry class wax room: Hot wax work space for creating & gating wax patterns

Foundry class mold room: Space for preparing foundry molds

Chemical process room (Walker 107): Vented space for molding materials (resins, rubbers, adhesives, etc.)


Training is required before the use of this space. Classes scheduled in this space are automatically enrolled in training. For information about individualized training, contact Dryden Wells at