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An Illustrated Guide to St. Louis

A mid-size city with an out-sized cultural scene, St. Louis is a place of unprecedented access. It is home to four major art museums, two sculpture parks, dozens of galleries and artist-run spaces, a world-renowned symphony, and a thriving literary scene.
Better yet, most of the city’s art museums and major cultural institutions are free. This includes the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, the Saint Louis Art Museum, and our very own Kemper Art Museum. Here are a handful of highlights.
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Stl meshuggah

seriously great eats

Foodie Heaven

St. Louis has been named a top food city by outlets ranging from Zagat to Yelp. Famous for local treats like Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (brain freeze warning!) and toasted ravioli, we’re also on the map for great tacos, dim sum, bubble tea, and gastropubs serving up farm-to-table eats.
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Stl ted drewes

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Stl city museum

Stl parks

Our next-door neighboor

Forest Park

Located just across the street from campus, Forest Park is home to the Missouri History Museum, the Saint Louis Zoo, the Saint Louis Science Center and Planetarium, the World’s Fair Pavilion, and the Saint Louis Art Museum.
Stl pageant

A bicycle illustration depicting the words 128 miles

Great Green Spaces

Go outside and play

With an expanding light rail system, hundreds of city, county and state parks, and the Great Rivers Greenway—128 miles (and counting!) of bike and pedestrian pathways—St. Louis is made to explore.
* student favorites
Illustrations by Audrey Westcott, BFA12.

Students Illustrate St. Louis