Segregation by Design discusses racial segregation in American cities. Using St. Louis as a point of departure, it examines the causes and consequences of residential segregation, and proposes potential mitigation strategies. While an introduction, timeline, and historical overview frame the subject, nine topic-specific conversations—between invited academics, policy makers, and urban professionals—provide the main structure. Each of these conversations is contextualized by a photograph, an editors’ note, and an essay written by a respected current or former St. Louisan. The essayists respond to the conversations by speaking to the impacts of segregation and by suggesting innovative policy and design tactics from their professional or academic perspective. The purpose of the book, therefore, is not to provide original research on residential segregation, but rather to offer a unique collection of insightful, transdisciplinary reflections on the experience of segregation in America and how it might be addressed.

Publication Details
Segregation by Design: Conversations and Calls for Action in St. Louis
Editors: Catalina Freixas and Mark Abbott
Springer, 2019
621 Pages
ISBN 9783319729558