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Faculty Teaching Development Awards

The Sam Fox School invites proposals for Faculty Teaching Development Awards. These awards are intended to recognize stellar contributions in teaching, to support innovation, and to incentivize activities that further enrich the School through student instruction.

All Sam Fox School tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply, as well as full-time senior lecturers and full-time lecturers who have taught at the School for at least one year prior to applying. Outcomes may include direct contributions to courses (new or existing), or may include faculty research work that advances course content. Up to four Faculty Teaching Development Awards will be given annually in the amount of $2,500.

Guidelines & Application

Please review the guidelines for application instructions. Completed proposals must be submitted by November 2, 2021. Please submit your application materials as a single pdf file by email to

Questions about application submissions can be directed to Nicole Allen ( in the Dean’s Office, Weil Hall 105.

Meghan Kirkwood
Purchase of a set of 6 DJI pocket osmo cameras for new video-based programming in existing and new photography courses.
Heidi Kolk and Penina Acayo Laker
Ongoing development of “You Are Here: St. Louis’ Racial History Through Sites and Stories,” a brand-new Sam Fox School course for spring 2021. The course is concerned with interrogating the complex history of race and racial injustice in St. Louis by means of site and story-based exploration.
Kelley Van Dyck Murphy
Purchase of a 3D Potterbot Micro 9 3D ceramic printer for the spring 2021 course “Digital Ceramics,” which examines new possibilities for masonry and ceramics in architecture through computational design and digital fabrication.
Constance Vale
Student access to equipment attuned to jewelry design for her new workshop “Body as Site / Jewelry as Architecture.” The workshop deals with contemporary issues, integrating feminist, critical race, queer, and media theory.
Jonathan Hanahan
Purchase additional hardware, charging, and storage equipment to support the use of virtual reality technology in the first cohort of the course Sculpting Realities 2.0.
Meghan Kirkwood
Develop and create new opportunities for the current Drone Photography class and build the foundations for future drone-related programming.
Pablo Moyano
Purchase materials for students in the Concrete Enclosure Systems studio to build mockups of the constituent pieces of their proposed building enclosure systems at one-quarter of the real scale.
Linda C. Samuels
Participate in the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch competition in Nevada, with a team of up to twelve students, two expert partners, and several institutional collaborations.
Penina Acayo Laker
Production of student work and guest lecturers for the communication design major elective Design for Social Impact.
D.B. Dowd
Development of the two-course sequence The Illustrated Periodical and Literatures of Drawing for the new MFA in Illustration & Visual Culture program.
Jonathan Hanahan
Use of virtual reality technology in the new course Sculpting Realities.
Jennifer Ingram
Participation at the Sustainability in Fashion, Regent’s University London & International Textile and Apparel Association Conference.
Michael Allen
Support his seminar The Unruly Cit, and travel to the IASTE conference in Portugal.
Kelley Van Dyck Murphy
Support the spring 2018 seminar Expanding Skin.
Tim Portlock
Support the purchase of four projectors for time-based media classes.
Enrique Von Rohr
Purchase of new technology for the class Alternative Displays.
Jonathan Hanahan
Attendance and presentation at the 2017 EYEO Festival in Minneapolis.
John Hendrix
Purchase of a 22” Cintiq HD to gain expertise for the classroom/studio.
Linda C. Samuels
Attendance at Dr. Iris Patten’s Leadership Summit in Tuscon, Arizona, and Dr. Patten’s subsequent workshop for students at Washington University.
Lavender Tessmer
Employment of a student research assistant to help leverage past studio content.
Elena Cánovas
Research for the project Contemporary Urban Public Spaces_St. Louis City Chances, as well as a related workshop.
Carolyn Gaidis
Support for the spring 2016 course Integrated Planting Design, which focused on the landscape ecology of the WashU campus.
Jennifer Ingram
Attendance at the 2015 International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference, where she attended sessions on sustainability and innovation in design education.
Pablo Moyano
Purchase of materials to build design mockups for the spring 2016 studio High Performance Building Enclosure.
Chandler Ahrens
Implementation—including 3D printing for students—for the fall 2015 course Performance Enhancing, co-taught with Robin VerHage-Abrams, associate professor of fashion design.
D.B. Dowd
Development of curated visual and bibliographic materials in digital format for use in teaching across multiple disciplines.
Elisa Kim
Attendance at the February 2015 ASHOKA Exchange conference and the spring 2015 course Design for Social Innovation.
Stephen Mueller
Support for the spring 2015 studio PROTOLOGICS/Urgent Typologies.