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Student engaged in a solo performance piece.
Live performance in the East End Garage for the course Performing Solitude. Photo: Carol Green.

The Time-Based + Media Art concentration focuses on art practices that use time as a medium of expression, engaging in digital, electronic, acoustic, cinematic, and performance-based methods.

Students learn how to create works in video, digital film, sound, animation, performance, media-based installation, and other hybrid forms of digital and media technologies.


The introductory Material & Culture studio titled Working with Time is required in order to take more advanced Art Practice courses in Time Based + Media Art, such as Expanded Cinema, Sonic Environments, and Mediated Performance. Area electives focus on media histories, as well as production and post-production, and include Affective Stills + The Moving Image and Lost in Space: Media Art and Immersive Environments.

Consulting sessions and workshops offer additional support for students and faculty, teaching them how to create, edit, and manipulate their media works through the use of various software applications.


The Media Studio in Weil Hall provides equipment to support students and faculty as they learn to create media works using a variety of software as well as analog, electronic, and mechanical applications.

Area faculty and graduate students offer consulting sessions and lab hours to provide additional support. In addition, the Time-Based + Media Art area sponsors conversations, film screenings, and live performances.