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Henrik Drescher


Henrik Drescher’s work as the Arthur L. and Sheila Prensky Island Press Visiting Artist in 2015 marked his second visit to Washington University, the first being more than two decades ago. Drescher has lived off and on in China since 2001, and his work reflects the mountainous landscapes he has observed in the Yunnan Provence. The imagery seen in the Island Press prints take shape from Drescher’s observance of what he calls “image debris,” which he chronicles in his mind, and numerous sketchbooks and journals. Looking closer at the work, you will see Drescher’s signature “nervous” line quality, an effect he created for this series by attaching a bent nail to the end of a Dremel tool.

About the artist

Henrik Drescher (b. Copenhagen, 1955) immigrated to the U.S. as a child in 1967. Drescher attended art school in Boston, but left school to work as a freelance illustrator and to travel extensively.

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