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Chrissi Cowhey

Chrissi Cowhey is an art director and graphic designer formerly based in Chicago and New York. Drawing on roots in fine art and literature, her work consistently reflects high levels of craft and concept. Her portfolio spans print, digital, environmental, and identity for clients ranging from arts and cultural institutions to Fortune 500 corporations. She has worked at Studio Blue, VSA Partners, Razorfish, and Two Twelve Associates; has taught at RISD; and has been a guest critic at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. Cowhey’s work has earned her recognition from the AIGA, Design Observer, Graphis, the Society of Typographic Artists, and the Chicago Cultural Center’s 2014 CHGO DSGN exhibition. She earned an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in English and Studio Art from Middlebury College.
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Work by Chrissi Cowhey

Two images, (left) a book cover and (right) an open spread: the cover is teal with lighter blue text which reads the artist's name, "Amy Sherald" — the open spread shows an image of a gallery space. In the gallery are large-scale paintings on canvases; to the left, a painting of two Black women in swimsuits against a blue background; in the center, two Black people holding hands in front of a landscape (the person to the left wears a white shirt with blue pants, the person to the right in a tricolor—orange, yellow, and green—dress); to the right, a portrait of a Black person wearing a hat and jeans, an American flag on their chest. The walls of the gallery space are white with a concrete floor. Natural light shines through.

Amy Sherald: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, 2018

Images of a website on a desktop computer as well as a mobile phone above an open spread of a book: the phrase "See Art Together," rotated ninety degrees to take the shape of a column of text, is repeated across a page of the open book and appears as a recurring motif in the website. The text is in a bright orange/vermilion and appears next to supplementary text, "Pulitzer Arts Foundation" and "Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis," which are shown in a deep magenta/red-purple. The desktop view includes an image of two people in front of an artwork. The mobile view includes a photo of a person walking across a gallery. The book spread includes a photograph of a live event.

Pulitzer Arts Foundation & Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis See Art Together, 2019

brand campaign concept and design.
Two views of a book, to the left the cover and to the right an open spread. The cover features a repeating pattern with the text "Bertrand Goldberg" — "Architecture of Invention" oriented as a column to the center-left. The cover is blue with tiled elliptical/oval shapes remaining grayscale. The open spread features a photograph of a table/desk and a column of text, in red, to the right.

Bertrand Goldberg: Architecture of Invention., 2011

The Art Institute of Chicago and Yale University Press. Designed at Studio Blue.
Two views of a print design: a folded poster/broadsheet contains the text "NO TRESPASSING" — "DO NOT BACK IN" — "SIDEWALK CLOSED" — "NO LOITERING" in white, interspersed with images of a wire fence. White X's are painted on top of each image, which is vibrant with the colors of a flame — red, orange, and yellow. The second view is typeset with red text overlaid on a graphic, wide "B", underlined in a similarly thick black stroke. The pull quote "It's not just about the incidents that happen between people fo color and the police, it's about the world that people of color disproportionately inhabit." printed on top of the wide B, on top of and around which is the phrase "BETWEEN THE WORLD" "AND ME."

Take One: The Delmar Divide, 2017

Two images, one (on the left) of a book cover and the other (to the right) an open spread of the book. The cover features an illustration of a lightning bolt striking some people against a black background; the lightning bolt consists of the flags of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union. To the right of the illustration is the text "WINDOWS ON THE WAR" with the subtitle "SOVIET TASS POSTERS AT HOME AND ABROAD", "1941–1945". The text is rotated on its side so that it sits against the edge of the cover as a column; "WINDOWS" is printed in red. The open spread features seven photos of various illustrations with supplementary text. The book's paper is white.

Windows on the War: Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941-45, 2011

The Art Institute of Chicago and Yale University Press. Designed at Studio Blue.